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Steve Young 1997 San Francisco 49ers Game Worn & Signed Helmet - Young Hologram, Excellent Wear

Game Data: 1997 NFL Season

Manufacturer: Riddell

Wear Details: The helmet shows incredible use with scuffs, scratches, remnants of mud and sweat on the inside of the helmet. The inside of the helmet displays velcro pads near the ear holes on each side which would have accommodated Young's wireless headset. There is dyno-tape on the inside of the shell that reads "YOUNG 8". The shell, facemask, decals, and chinstrap all appear to be proper and accurate. Young can be seen in a number of game images wearing this exact style chin strap with very similar wear along with the same equipment tape on the face-mask just under the side face-mask clips.

Authenticity: JSA LOA, Young Hologram

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